This fund facilitates the restoration of the Arboretum following damaging natural events, allowing for the expedient recovery of a safe and resilient park that is open to all visitors.

Dave was a distinguished physician, avid rock climber, mountain climber, ski mountaineer, skier, cyclist, and backpacker, and dedicated Search and Rescue volunteer. Dave hiked Pisgah countless times, with his wife Heather and with other friends, since he first came to Eugene in the late 1970s. He hiked to the top at least once a week, every week — and he really got to know the area during all his Search and Rescue trainings there. Dave spent quiet Sunday mornings and a few anniversaries with his wife Heather atop Mount Pisgah, and he explored nature’s wonders with his children in this special place. His love for the Arboretum inspired the creation of this fund.

Your generous contributions enable us to:

1. Swiftly remove debris and mitigate hazards.

    2. Restore trails, bridges, and educational facilities.

    3. Regenerate affected areas with native species.

    4. Support our volunteers during recovery efforts.

    Thank you!