Mount Pisgah Arboretum and the Howard Buford Recreation Area are open after the historic January ice storm!

Storm Response Update 02/05/24

We had another great weekend of volunteer work parties, with over 50 people committing their time again! We are so encouraged to see the support! Good progress is being made to clear Arboretum trails.

Storm Response Update 02/01/24

Staff and volunteers have been instrumental in clearing trails and piling significant amounts of woody debris to be chipped or located elsewhere for processing as firewood. Successful fundraising efforts (thank you!!!) have allowed us to hire contractors to chip large amounts of the woody debris, and to remove hanging branches and hazard trees. Volunteer work parties this weekend will help to clear some of the trails we have not accessed yet.

Storm Response Update 01/29/24

Significant progress has been made in clearing storm debris and opening routes. Roads have been open and crews have begun to clear obstructions on many of our trails. Over 50 volunteers contributed their time on Friday and Saturday (over 150 person-hours in total!), and made a tremendous impact in clearing trails and piling debris to be processed or removed. Thank you, volunteers!

Storm Response Update 01/22/24

Crews continued working through the weekend and into Monday, clearing portions of Trail 5 (Quarry Road) and the Meadow Road, as well as some road-width portions of Trail 35 (Service Road). Portions of the Riverbank Trail were also cleared. Despite having large limbs and whole trees down nearly every 50 feet, progress has been consistent and we are pleased with the results so far. Crews with Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) have been working without stop to replace and repair high voltage lines and damaged towers. This work has involved significant amounts of heavy machinery, and has muddied Trails 1 and 6. These trails will be repaired by BPA crews once work is completed.

Storm Response Update 01/19/24

Staff continued to remove downed trees and limbs around the Arboretum entrance, working south and east. We are focused on clearing roads before working on smaller trails. We are still working on accessing much of the trail system.

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