Our Education Programs

The Arboretum incorporates diverse habitats from bottomland riparian forest to oak savanna, woodlands, and prairies. With nearly all of the southern Willamette Valley ecology represented on the site, the Arboretum is a fantastic outdoor classroom for all ages and levels of interest.

Mount Pisgah Arboretum provides field trips for about 3,000 K-5 students every year, and hosts about 1,000 people on guided nature walks and natural history workshops. We also work with local institutions to provide internships and to support graduate and undergraduate research.

Youth Programs

Our Discovery Tours field trips for elementary classes are back this school year! We also have Arboretum Exploration after school programs for ages 5-11. Learn more about these programs here.

Walks & Workshops

Walks and Workshops are nature activities offered year-round for adults and families. They’re always changing with the season! See our Walks & Workshops calendar here!

Nature Exhibits

Our interactive nature exhibits provide an opportunity to take a closer look at the area that surrounds you—to delve into the interconnected life of the plants and animals among us. These exhibits help interpret what we see, smell, touch and hear. Enter in!