Mount Pisgah Arboretum is dedicated to the public enjoyment of its natural beauty and the protection of its habitats.  In keeping with our purpose, we ask groups to follow these regulations:

1. Do not litter.  This includes confetti, rice, birdseed, petals, and plant materials from bouquets.

2. Garbage and recycling cans are provided for your convenience. The Arboretum provides trashcans, and recycling bins, as well as a compostables bin. The Arboretum will take care of waste left in those bins.  You are required to pick up any garbage from the Pavilion and dispose of it in the proper receptacles.  Any excessive clean up required by Arboretum staff will result in a charge to your credit card (this includes picking up confetti or other thrown debris).

3. Please respect the allotted event hours of 11 AM – 10 PM.

4. Please park in parking lots. Delivery vehicles may drive to the Pavilion area before and after the event, but no vehicles are to be left at or around the Pavilion for the duration of your event except for catering vehicles and/or up to two vehicles with permits for persons with disabilities.

5. Please do not staple/tack/nail anything into the wood of the Pavilion.  Only easily removable adhesive putty, tape, or string should be used to hang decorations. Anything left behind, or any damage to the wood, will result in a charge. You may use plant material to decorate, but do not bring invasive plants into the Arboretum. Please consult Arboretum staff if you have questions about invasive plants. Please do not use any confetti, rice, birdseed, glitter or loose petals as they can become a hazard for wildlife and can alter our site’s ecology.

6. Amplified recorded and/or live music is allowed as long as it does not disrupt other visitors. You may have live bands, iPod with speakers or a DJ. Please remember this is a place where people come to enjoy nature. Please do not play music during your set-up time. All music must be kept at a reasonable volume, and must be turned off at 10 PM. There are several neighbors living across the river from the Pavilion, so please be courteous and turn the music off at the required time.

7. Group activities are to be confined to the area reserved; however, group members and guests are welcome to walk the trails and enjoy the Arboretum. Since trails are narrow and vegetation is fragile, please keep walking groups small and be careful not to trample trail-side vegetation. Children must be supervised and are not allowed in the stream or river.

8. Fire, firearms, and wood and charcoal barbecues and grills are strictly prohibited. Propane and/or gas grills may be used only on the GRAVEL surrounding the Pavilion, and not on the cement, bricks or grass. Please do not use grills in the courtyard.

9. Dogs, except for guide dogs, are not permitted at group activities. Ask about having your dog at your wedding.

10. The Arboretum does not permit active sports that may be damaging to the site or disturbing to others.

11. Bicycles, motor vehicles, and horses are prohibited within the Arboretum. Foot traffic and wheel chairs only on the trails please.

12. All plants and wildlife are protected. Please do not pick, dig, move, or disturb them.

13. These rules may be superseded by any current or future federal, state, or local laws, codes, or regulations.