Securing Your Reservation

How do I secure my reservation?
We can hold your desired date for you for a few days without a contract or deposit. To hold a reservation permanently, you must pay a deposit (which is half of the rental fee).

Meeting with Arboretum Staff

When can I meet with Arboretum staff to discuss any questions or concerns?
Feel free to call or email our Venue Manager with questions any time, or to schedule a tour of the site. Also, please feel free to visit the site on your own, but do not disturb other events or enter the building when it is being used for events, or school group lunches.


Are there rest rooms on site?
Yes, there are four private restrooms at the Pavilion.

Is there an area to change/dress at the venue?
We do have one private dressing room that is available for use.

Are the grounds lit?
The Pavilion and the bathrooms are both very well lit. A complete lighting package is included with bistro lanterns, and walkway lights.

Pavilion Use and Tables & Chairs

What is the maximum capacity of the White Oak Pavilion?
200 persons

Do we have to remove our own trash and recycling?
No. Garbage and recycling cans are provided for your convenience. The Arboretum provides trash cans and recycling bins. The Arboretum will take care of waste left in those bins. We will set up compost collection upon request if your event is using exclusively compostables. You are required to pick up any garbage from the Pavilion and dispose of it in the proper receptacles.  Any excessive clean up required by Arboretum staff will result in a charge to your credit card (this includes picking up confetti or other thrown debris).

How many tables and chairs does Mount Pisgah Arboretum provide, free of charge, to accommodate my guests?
The Arboretum provides beautiful wedding furniture (tables, chairs, banquet tables) for up to 200 guests. We also provide 25 round reception tables that are 60″ in diameter, 200 taupe folding chairs, eight 6-foot-long and eight 8-foot-long rectangular tables for your food, drinks, cake, DJ’s, gifts, etc.. Our facilities staff will set up the tables and chairs for the reception area and ceremony if they are provided a layout design ahead of time. We do not supply linens.

Our rental company can only pick up our linens and dishes the following morning; is this allowed?  Do we need to be concerned about theft or vandalism?
Items that are rented from outside companies may be left in the Pavilion overnight, provided they are picked up the following morning no later than 9. Although the Arboretum is not liable for anything left overnight, theft or vandalism in the Pavilion has not been a problem in the past.

Are grills allowed at the Arboretum?
Propane and gas grills are permitted (no charcoal or fire).  These must be used only on the gravel surrounding the Pavilion, and not on the grass, cement, or pavers.

Is alcohol allowed?
OLCC licensed servers may serve beer, wine, or liquor to your guests. You can either purchase your own alcohol, or go through a caterer.

May we drive up to the White Oak Pavilion or to the Ceremony Site?
Yes. You may drive to the White Oak Pavilion during set-up to unload.  There are two parking spaces at the Pavilion for vehicles with permits for persons with disabilities.

Will we have access to water and electricity?
Yes, there are 13 electrical outlets inside the building, and outdoor outlets on the four corners of the building. There is a drinking fountain, indoor two sinks, and four potable water spouts. There are also four private restrooms located at the Pavilion.

Parking Passes

Tell me about parking at the Arboretum.
The Arboretum is located in Lane County’s Howard Buford Recreation Area (we are a nonprofit that leases land from Lane County) and all parking lots belong to Lane County Parks rather than the Arboretum. Every car in these lots needs to have a Lane County Parks parking pass. You may choose to pay for your guests’ parking or they can purchase a parking pass at the fee station. The Arboretum provides a parking attendant to assist your guests. Please see our Venue Manager about parking options.

For more information, contact our Venue Manager at  [email protected] or 541-747-1504.