Going for a hike can be extra fun when accompanied by a furry companion. We are happy to welcome your dog as long as they are always on leash while in the Arboretum. There are many important reasons for this leash rule, including:

  • Keeping wildlife safe. Dogs are carnivores by instinct, and can cause serious harm to small animals that live on site, especially ground-nesting birds.
  • Keeping dogs safe. Off-leash dogs can encounter poison oak, get into fights with other dogs on the trail, get lost in the woods (no joke!) and even be injured by wildlife they encounter along the trail. Remember, this is mountain lion territory.
  • Keeping people safe. Our hikers come in all ages and abilities. Not everyone is spry enough to safely leap out of the way of a galloping pup!

Do you need to borrow a leash or get your dog a treat? Our administrative office is open Monday – Friday from 10 AM – 4 PM. We have leashes available to loan, plus milk bones for your dog. A large water bowl is on our front porch, and a hose is right across the driveway if you need to refill the water bowl or clean off muddy paws.

If you explore the Howard Buford Recreation Area that surrounds the Arboretum, leashes are required on Trails 1 and 2. On all other trails, you may take your dog off-leash if it is under voice command.


Smoking is prohibited on all Lane County Parks grounds, including the Arboretum, as per Lane County Code 6.597.


Mount Pisgah Arboretum grounds are a lovely place to photograph, and we welcome hobbyists and parkgoers to take photos while enjoying the landscape. The Arboretum requires that all guests stay on trail while photographing and do not go off trail into the fields or forest for the protection of themselves and the native plants and animals. There are hazards off trail that are not always visible, such as poison oak, wasp nests, uneven ground, and hazard trees.


Drones usage is not allowed within the Arboretum boundary regardless of launch point. The Arboretum is a home to many migratory and year-round bird species that may be negatively impacted by drone use.

Lane County Parks at large do not allow drone use without an approved Special Use Permit, which can be obtained through the Lane County Parks website here